About Greg De Tisi - and WHO this course is for exactly.

Greg De Tisi is an author of 25 books on Success and happiness, a course creator, a Business Blogger, Podcaster and a passionate mentor. He has been Business coaching for over 13 years and has helped hundreds of students from all around the globe to change their entire lives, careers and start and grow small businesses.

He works mainly from home and loves to teach 1:1.  Greg also is passionate about working deeply with just a few to get real results as he really dislikes hype or over the top promises and greedy so called coaches who charge a great deal of money and never deliver desired results.

His philosophy is simple: 'let's get people coached and let's help the world 1 by 1 to live fully and passionately in whatever they choose to do.

Greg lives in Bristol in the UK and has so many passions including global travel, music and Art.  And most of all he loves spending time with his family.

He gives to charity and helps wherever he can in his community. Greg is a certified Life and Small Business Growth Coach and NLP practitioner. But has also studied courses in Entrepreneurship and business in many areas and sectors over a 15 period.  His 'not so-secret' secret to success is 1) Be yourself 2) Share and express that 3) Live and love 4) Work on your own mind daily.

Greg is there for you in all that you do and you will find a support page where you can contact him should you have any questions you need answering.

This course is designed for you

If you…

Are a stuck right now and hate Monday mornings and doing something you hate.  Or perhaps you wish to change your life and create a new chapter then this is designed for you to thrive.

If you are not feeling confident about what to do with your life, career or business or doubt your abilities then this is for you.

If you wish to find your passions and be the best in your chosen field or even perhaps re-train this is for you.

If you wish to make a $10k+ per month income from a Micro or small Business and do the work you actually LOVE doing then this is for you.

If you wish to live a purposeful life by design on your terms this is for you.

So, why on earth do I think I could help…I am Greg De Tisi, (as you know now) and I am the creator behind the Love, Passion and Purpose Course and Book TM and 24 other books which are all from my experiences in creating a successful life.  I eat. sleep, and breath success so you are in the right place. 

But I have something to confess...

I don't like to take life too seriously and think life should be fun! 

Whilst I’m a certified Life and Business Coach, a certified NLP practitioner, a Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur & founder of Love, Passion and Purpose Coaching Brand. And whilst I have written 25 books on success in areas such as business, growth, mindset, passion and attraction amongst other things I am still a massive kid at heart who is truly humble. 

I’m a former employed worker who has had a variety of varied past careers including a stressful bank job and once role working for the government. And none of these careers allowed me to be ME!  So that's why I took back my power and control and took action on designing my life from the inside out. 

I'm a great lover of listening to music in my spare time (one of my passions). 

I love nature and travel and am very passionate about my family and friends. The last 10 years has given me a wealth of experience with helping others and learning about myself in a much greater depth. I am committed to awareness and consciousness and have learned and developed from all of my varied and rich past. 

Now I am here to share. So if you are STRUGGLING to make your life, career or business work, or finding it hard to get satisfaction you need from your life or passions AND…If no matter what you’ve tried it just doesn’t seem to be working, you feel like you are NOT HEARD and NOT SEEN through the noise…

I can help you to get where you really want to be.

ANSWER: Knowing how to take the right action every day. 

So how do I know I can help you?

I’ve been there,

I am a normal guy who was once a College dropout.  I had failed jobs, and businesses up until I was 30.  I was really depressed, broke, lost and desperate for change. But I managed to change because I started reading the right books.

In my experience, I know how common it is for us to have a idea but just not know how to make it work in practice. So it’s important to me to be able to help other express this and this is where the passion comes from.

I think that when we have ideas we should be able to express tem, evolve the, and explore them and so in this course I have also created training for you to do so.  So if you are an ideas guy/gal or an inventor then this will work for you.  I know because I have personally used these processes and I have worked with several inventors to take products to market. 

It can be tough, there can be challenges but this is a part of life and we can conquer way more than we may think.

I know as I have done exactly that.

In the face of adversity, struggle and pain I managed to overcome many things EVEN TECHNOLOGY! And I built a highly successful brand.  So, I know that you can achieve what you truly wish to achieve. There is no question.

Whilst many of my businesses did not perform the way I wanted in my twenties, I’ve taken the past lessons and experiences and been able to create a globally successful coaching and writing business so don't forget that - I was the one who’s struggled to attract my success and live with passion - but I changed it.   Sometimes we have to know struggle in order to demonstrate true success.  It comes from a deep driving force in me to express who I am.  And School never taught me this.

And so I’ve had the experience of finding it tough even to pay my bills, trying to make the money I had stretch and felt the pain of defeat.

But the truth is, if I hadn’t gone through all of that I wouldn’t have a successful Small business now.

It’s down to all of my past struggles which helped me take my new business from zero to replacing my job income in a matter of months.

Then I started to exceed my own expectations and goals and started growing my business month on month to my ultimate income level.  This is because I applied what I am teaching here.  

It is really about knowing 'WHY' you want something, and from there taking a passion and evolving it into a purpose driven lifestyle or business. 

We all have struggles don't we - but it's how we bounce back that defines where we end up. Life and business will inevitably have successes and failures along the way, and you may even have already experienced some of this. What is interesting to me though is that every successful entrepreneur has a failed business in their past.

And so I am living proof that anything is possible.

So what now?

If you want to make your life, or business work for you and you want to enjoy Monday mornings and feel excited by your life choices,  no matter what you wish to do, and build a working life that fits your needs, have financial security through the work you LOVE doing, and time for your personal life, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.  

Have a quick look at it if you wish to.  If NOW is the time for you to grab life by the Balls and start creating a life to thrive in rather than just existing in and getting by then take action as you will not be dissapointed.  

And I say that with utter confidence. Yet with the humble understanding that it may also not be for you.

I will say that - If you cannot commit, take action or be accountable for your actions then this is not for you. 

Perhaps you would prefer 1:1 coaching with me?

I want your next move to be right for you, and if you want 1:1 Coaching and to achieve your desired goals, with the 1:1 Passion to Profits Programme I run it gives you step-by-step tools to design your life your way, at www.GregDeTisi.com I help global clients to reach their personal and professional goals which helps with mindset, life changes, and career or business passions to elevate clients past their own expectations of success and happiness creating more balance in the world.

NOTE: Whether you want to run a local independent business or an international brand I have the tools to help you become equipped to deal with the market needs and demands required and also I have the training to help you deal with the ups and downs of change. so I am here to make dreams become a reality.

Speak soon!

Best always

Greg :)