Course Description

Sound Like Something You Might Enjoy??  

In this unique and transformational Course you can expect to learn every part of 'how to create' your very own dream micro or Small business venture and even start creating $10k+ months from your business ideas.  By using my powerful '3 step' Passion to Profit process which I have used to change my entire life - and that of my clients globally to truly shape & design meaningful Roles and businesses as creators and founders that matter to them. - I have been supporting my clients for over 15 years now. 

And guess what? There's more....... Just for you 'when you get this course' I also include many other new powerful tools and resources that I have 'never shared publicly'.  In this course you will get my 2021 version of my powerful $10k+ per month blueprint packed with the latest 5 ways to create a new income from home or in a micro or small local business. 

On top of that you also get:

Training from a seasoned small business growth expert with practical simple lessons so you can outperform nearest competition

Lifetime Support For Students to help your small business journey to launch and run a business with confidence and competence

Leadership training in my field to ensure highest quality information

FREE 1 hour' session with me to create a solid and robust crystal clear plan for you to reach your most important life and business goals after the course

15 years of excellence' in Small business consulting and training driving growth and innovation committed to highest standards

I am so confident that this can help you (if you put in the work of course) that I give you a 100% full refund guarantee within 28 days 'IF' you don't like it or are not happy. There is NO RISK ON YOUR PART AT ALL!  Fair enough? And if £29.70 isn't already a very fair price I give you every tool and resource you could need to change your current life worth a total separately of £2597.   Where's the catch? THERE IS NONE! So why is so cheap?  It may not be forever, but I wanted to help as many students as I could. Simple as that.

    But 'WHY' do I really care? Great Question! Well, I have been in this situation.  I know what it is like to need the right small business help. And whilst you will be able to find many other training's and certifications that cover similar topics, my course is UNIQUE and changing lives because it's built and taught by a real person (ME) who was once struggling in a career, and I was also a college dropout. So, I know what it is like. And as a Small Business Consultant and trainer who has actually used these techniques to create my own Small Business model and services online and offline, I am sure this can help. I'm not 'just' a course creator I am a results creating Small Business expert but also a normal guy. (Don't ask my girlfriend that one though!)

But seriously - I am just a guy who's been there, so all you need to do is to take the action and put in some effort, as that's all I ask.  So if you are ready to get your hands a little dirty then welcome aboard to your new home for a few weeks.

I am sure you have heard many stories before?  One minute there's a poor guy 'then the next minute' a rich guy right?  
Well, it's not quite like that - BUT I'm sorry, I have a version! I was once jobless, broke, depressed, stressed and a college drop out (bring out the violins!:) but seriously, I was out of luck and out of sanity. But I turned it around!  Some of my business books:

Now, with the mounting debts I had at 30 I didn't know where to turn.  I had to change something, so I had took control, and in a few short years became a globally respected small business consultant, Author of 26 books, podcaster, blogger and a course creator. How?  

By using the system I share in this course. Enough about me - This is about you!

From a place of discovering your own unique power, passions and creating a purpose driven life you can develop a step by step plan in the course and start to create clarity around what is most important to you to follow in life, then create a Business plan and beyond. There are video tutorials, audios with 'optional' homework where you can study the content in the modules to increase your growth rate and start to create a role you love. 


It's simple really! This course is for you 'IF' you wish to become happier, create more wealth, balance, start a better career role or small business, gain more success - or even cultivate a totally new startup with with immense growth quickly.  Its for you 'IF' you are stuck, feeling helpless or not following your true purpose, or in a role or career you hate.  That's why I built this course.   

P.s - If you like this course and get results and you refer 2 others to this course who may be interested, I will reward you by being your Business support mentor for an entire year. 

 BUT Wait A Minute!

What Does this Include exactly?

Another great question!  

  • A full overview of what to expect with the course
  • How to understand self love and what it really means in being the best entrepreneur you can be
  • How to discover and develop your greatest passions or business ideas and how to cultivate them into a sustainable ethical business model
  • How to create and design a purpose driven life role from your passions you love
  • Creating passions into profits in high quality products and services that are ethical
  • Creating an unstoppable winning mindset like I have to see opportunities and grow more
  • Turning your ideas, inventions and innovations into actual marketable things to market and sell to the right targeted customers (vital)
  • Modern Leadership Training  - (Hint Old egocentric leadership is dying. We need to be relevant today, thinking of the whole instead of just ourselves)
  • Starting a New Rewarding Passion driven role and manage a team of passionate types
  • Powerful Proven business Planning strategy and Goal Setting the Simple Way to beat competition and have edge
  • Brand YOU! exclusive training videos to create an 'expert' Micro Business around you - just as I have. With Multiple streams of income and increased revenue
  • Creating Successful Relationships with your customers and teams to build solid growth and retention mastering churn rate
  • Small Business & Start Ups Absolute Essential tips For Creating Sustainable Success such as seeding, borrowing and funding, cash reserve, cash flow and manastery of all numbers
  • Taking Your untapped Potential and turning it into high performance to be the best you can be in a value driven role
  • Branding, Sales and Marketing Must Haves for unlimited success in any Small business model (constantly updated)
  • Writing The Most effective CV's, Application Forms and Interviews for hiring the right types for roles (hint: One wrong person can destroy a business) 
  • Knowing how to outperform and beat competition through measuring numbers (vital in being Number 1 choice in Small business market)
  • Self growth and Mastery for true life long improvement and success in any role
  • STARTING a Home-based business online Expert Micro Business just as I have. (Low Cost To Start with High Returns) And also offline components for exposure
  • Identifying the right small business name, mission, vision, ethics and identity for model
  • Ensuring Sustainability and environmental principles and philosophies are accounted for and implemented   
  • BONUS EXTRAS section with more trainings, videos, audios, powerful income producing eBooks + $10k per month blueprint PLUS 5 Ways to Make $10k per month inside the blueprint
  • PLUS NEW BONUS - Premium Brand Products/services sales for high end business income 
  • FULL E-mail support 12 months
  • FULL 28 Day No RISK NO Fuss Money Back Guarantee 
  • FREE 1 x 1:1 Session with me at the end 
  • Further discounted bulk consulting sessions in any of these areas at
  • If that's not enough - you get Ongoing support from me personally, guidance and access to my help with any questions you may have for life.

Sweet or what?  My students think so!

Hey - so why not start now? 

Here's my own powerful version of the sweet spot idea you can use right now - so you can dig deep, drill down and go narrow into your most important areas for expression!  By the way - a purpose is something which can change throughout life.  It doesn't have to be just one thing. 

NOTE: If I sold 'all of this' separately It would easily come to £1997 or more in total. Just look at what's included below.  'So' why so much lower? Easy, I just believe in having fair prices for those who need it most! Don't you? 

Just £29.70 don't you think that's fair? Others it!

See the testimonials... 

Jake J Entrepreneur Sales Executive Florida - Working with Greg's course was amazing. He is very detailed and knowledgeable and truly teaches you what you need to know to succeed in anything. No nonsense. Just real techniques, strategies and the ways to achieve the passion, vision, success and goals you desire. He is one of the very few people who really understands how things work, and he is willing to share it. His help was tremendously helpful for me - a truly life changing experience, which also happened when I really needed it. I personally recommend him to all my good friends I think might need his help. With his help I've been able to go from having only a vague vision of where I wanted to be and my goals, having very little confidence in my skills and not knowing my purpose, to having a crystal clear vision of my goals and purpose. I've developed great belief in my passions and he has helped me begin building my business and start gaining a following. I am forever grateful for his help. 10/10

OR how about these....

Katrina T Dubai / UK Sales Executive THE BEST £29 I HAVE EVER SPENT!  - Greg has a unique ability to understand YOU and where you are coming from very quickly.   Whether you want to develop business ideas or you need personal help with making life or career changes he shows you how it all connects.  When one thing works then it helps other areas.  As a Salesperson I love what I do and I am successful but, there seemed to be something holding me back to the next level.  I always thought that Personal Life Coaching training was not worth wasting money on but Greg' course helped me to figure out what I needed to do and that was when I felt like a totally new person with clarity. Once the blanket had been lifted I knew was unlimited and un-stoppable.  Now as a sales executive in Dubai and married and having sold my old home I love my new life.  I KNOW I can do anything I put my mind to.   Thanks to Greg and his course for understanding me so well and helping me to live fully, openly and without limits!

Danielle T  USA  - GREG'S COURSE WILL FOCUS YOU AND ENCOURAGE YOU PERSONALLY. I Started My Online Journey Many Years Ago. I decided to look at Business coaching training but didn't feel comfortable spending money being unsure what I would get in return.  The Self Study Greg showed me was a fraction of the cost from other coaches quotes, and when I took the course it was full of great information that helped me to change my direction in life.  I found what I was really Passionate About and this enabled me to start what I really loved.  I Loved Greg's Personal trainings and how he understood me and the results I needed. When you talk with him you after the course you will be amazed at his ability to know what you need to craft your plan and you will gain greater clarity.  I Am Passionate About Results driven training so, I Wanted Greg's Help To Take Me Forward and grow and he delivered on that.  His Self study course Is Unlike Anything I Have Ever Seen and very reasonably priced.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING HIS HELP.  


Course Creator, Consultant, Podcaster and Author of 25 Success books

Greg De Tisi

It's simple - I'm Empowering Passion Driven People To Create Purpose Driven Lives By Design!  Hi, I want to introduce myself. I am Greg the course creator, life and Small business growth consultant, podcaster, blogger and author of 26 books on Growth and success. I have spent the last 16 years helping people all over the world and from all backgrounds to create more rewarding and fulfilling lives, roles and businesses. I decided to create the Passion to Profits - Love, Passion and Purpose brand TM and course and my Discover, Design Develop courses to reach out to more people who really needed it today. My belief is that, the more people I can help and support to live happy and satisfying lives the better the world will be. As cheesy as that sounds I think education is the key. I once needed help and had no life or business skills, so I had to learn them from some of the world's greatest teachers and entrepreneurs. Now I am here for you. Giving To Charity: I am also giving a percentage of this course to charity to help those who need education and development in less fortunate societies and countries. So by buying this course you are not only helping yourself become more awesome and wealthy, but helping others so we can lift the world up 1 by 1. Cool don't you think!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 - 'Love'

    • Welcome to the Passion To Profits Self Study Course 2.0 - By Greg De Tisi (INTRO)

    • Some Kick Ass Starting Tips

    • What Is Love? Slide Presentation

    • 5 Things To Do Before You get Out Of Bed

    • 14 Simple Ways To Nurture Yourself

    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 1 - Fun Quiz

  • 2

    Module 2 - 'Passion'

    • What Are My Passions? Slide presentation

    • Being A Kid Again


    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 2 - Fun Quiz

  • 3

    Module 3 - 'Purpose'

    • Creating A Purpose Slide Presentation


    • Do We All Have A Purpose?

    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 3 - Fun Quiz

  • 4

    Module 4 - 'Passions To Profits'

  • 5

    Module 5 - 'Mindset'

    • Mindset and Self Mastery For Maximum Success


    • 6 Top Tips For Mindset Mastery - VIDEO

    • The Mind of An Entrepreneur

    • Your Mind Is Programmable

    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 5 - Fun Quiz

  • 6

    Module 6 - 'Ideas, Innovation and Invention'

    • Ideas, Innovation and Invention Slide presentation

    • Truth About Ideas



    • Want To Create Your Own Course? Here is Thinkifics Guide on Topics.

    • OPTIONAL Form TO Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 6 - Fun Quiz

  • 7

    Module 7 - 'Starting A New Role'

    • Starting A New Career

    • New Role and Career Tips

    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 7 - Fun Quiz

  • 8

    Module 8 - 'Planning and Goal Setting'

    • Planning and Goal Setting

    • Business Planning EXTRA BITS - Part 2

    • Knowing Your Costs


    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 8 - Fun Quiz

  • 9

    Module 9 - 'Creating Growth Through Relationships'

  • 10

    Module 10 - 'Small Business and Start Ups' (PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO MASTER THIS)

    • Small Business and Start Ups



    • SMALL BIZ START UP GUIDE with business ideas included


    • Working from home as a Coach or Consultant (AND BEATING COMPETITION)

    • Business Finances Checklist (RE-VISITED)


    • Winning Teams - Hiring and Outsourcing Like a PRO.


    • BASIC ACCOUNTING PART 2 (With Financial Accounting Glossary and economics basics)


    • OPTIONAL Form TO Fill Out For Your Homework

    • Module 10 - Fun Quiz

  • 11

    Module 11 - 'Potential To Performance'

    • Potential to Performance

    • Ken Blanchard's Peak Performance Grid


    • Potential To Performance Video


    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Your Homework

    • Module 11 - Fun Quiz

  • 12

    Module 12 - 'Branding, Sales and Marketing'

    • Branding


    • KNOW, LOVE, BELIEVE In What You Do!

    • SELLING TECHNIQUES that work

    • Small Business Branding Basics 101

    • 69 Marketing Ideas (download)

    • Recommended Book and Video Marketing Tips


    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Your Homework

    • Module 12 - Fun Quiz

  • 13

    Module 13 - 'Writing A CV, Interviews and Job Applications'

    • Writing a CV, Interviews and Application forms

    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Your Homework

    • Module 13 - Fun Quiz

  • 14

    Module 14 - 'Who Is Your Competition?'

    • Who Is Your Competition? IMPORTANT IN BUSINESS

    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 14 - Fun Quiz

  • 15

    Module 15 - 'Self Mastery'

    • Self Mastery

    • Your Vision - In 2 Parts

    • Self Belief and Mindset EXTRAS

    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Homework

    • Module 15 - Fun Quiz

  • 16

    Video Section Part 1 - Following Passions and Designing a Life

    • Love, Passion and Purpose

    • Worthy Passions and Committed Vision

    • Developing Creative Ideas As An Entrepreneur

    • Following Passion and Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

    • Make Mistakes Fast But Don't Worry About Perfectionism

    • 5 Ways To Get What You Want

    • Designing a lifestyle as Professional coach or trainer

    • Work Life Balance Is It Possible?

    • How To Relate To Others - In Life and In Business

    • TIME IS THE REAL COMMODITY - How we use it is the real skill

  • 17

    Video Section Part 2 - Productivity and Effectiveness

    • Productivity Simple Tips Daily

    • Small Business DON'T GO IT ALONE!

    • Dealing With Stress - Part 2 Worry

    • Self Motivation

    • Self Motivation Part 2

    • How To Focus With Intention - Have a Strong Vision

    • 6 Simple Steps To Positive Change

    • OPTIONAL 'VIDEO SECTION' Form To Fill Out For Ideas

  • 18

    BONUS Life Mastery Audio Section


    • Preparing To Live With Passion

    • Planning An Extraordinary Life

    • Knowing Your Life and Business Goals

    • Increasing Authentic Happiness In Life and Business

    • Expanding Your Learning For Maximum Success

    • Mindset Mastery

    • OPTIONAL Form To Fill Out For Ideas

  • 19

    BONUS $10k Per Month Blueprint, Focus ebook & 6 Simple Steps To Small Biz Success

    • YOUR FREE $10k Per Month BLUEPRINT (UPDATED FOR 2021)


    • FREE Think and Grow Rich Mediation Audio By Guided mind

    • 6 Simple Steps To Small Business Success

    • Start a Digital or Coaching Business - Selling High End Premium Products/Services




    • Affiliate Marketing Income

    • Buy My eBooks Here If You Need Further Reading


    • Powerful Visualisation Technique That Helps Me To Focus

  • 20

    Your BONUS 1:1 Coaching Coaching Session With Me

    • Why Bother Getting An Expert?

    • Book Your 1:1 session With Me

    • FREE 1ON1 Session Simply Explained

    • OPTIONAL COACHING SESSION Form To Fill Out From Your Conclusions

    • COMPLETION VIDEO: Many Congrats On Completing This Course. I am Very Proud of You.

    • OPTIONAL FINAL Feedback Form To Help Me Deliver The Very Best Training To You